Chukwudumebi (Gabriel) Amadi-Emina was born April 6, 1994 in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. Through the majority of his life, Gabriel followed the scientific track of academics but always had a strong interest in the visual arts. After the passing of his older brother, Gabriel changed his focus to the fine arts, and started pursing a better understanding of the art of photography and the expression of the human emotion through portraiture photography. Gabriel hopes to continue his studies even further, and in order to build upon his strong foundation in photography. 




Since the early years of my childhood, I have observed individuals surrounding me, their interactions amongst one another grasping me with intrigue. Approaching my years of adolescence, unspoken stories began to reveal themselves as I grew attentive to the physical characteristics of others. Now, as a young scholar, I acknowledge that such acute observations throughout my life have provided the opportunity for visual arts to flourish within me. Progressing forward, I adhere to the logic that one remains in the perpetual state of learning, and so it is of my greatest desire to continue discovering my artistic abilities as a scholar of your prestigious institution.

Capturing photography capable of exceptional expression requires the attentive eye of an artist whom may not have been dissuaded by the shallows of verbal language. I am such an artist, as I have adapted to defining myself and the stories I wish to express specifically through the art of portraiture. In my eye, verbal communication lacks the truth and depth of understanding that one’s body language is capable of portraying, because the loudest of stories are those unspoken. This provides explanation as to why I began photography, to reveal the truth within an individual, intangible by spoken language. In my photography, I seek to capture the truth of individuals so that viewers may find captivation and the ability to relate. As a professor once instructed me, “A photograph is like poetry without words.”

In regards to photography, my passion heavily revolves around portraiture due to the fact that our world now consists of nearly seven billion people, and so I believe the magnificence lies within the vast variety of individuals we are surrounded by. My technique involves the combination of film, digital photographs and geometric shapes to create compositions that evoke emotion. Every aspect of my photography synchronizes seamlessly as I include colors sparingly to enhance the symbolism. Much of the stylization within my compositions is heavily influenced by the simplicity of the Minimalist Movement, as well as the overwhelming intensity of the Der Blaue Reiter. The emotion my work creates while in the presence of the viewer is what I seek to capture.

            Throughout the duration of my undergraduate studies, I have undertaken a variety of visual art courses that have provided me with an array of knowledge. This knowledge has not only solidified my passion for the visual arts, but has also enriched my abilities as an artist. Exercising my artistic abilities as an active member of campus wide events, such as community service and leadership workshops, I have been provided the opportunity to experiment artistically and excel academically.

I strongly believe the success I have obtained throughout the duration of my undergraduate studies has guided me in becoming the prospective candidate who is both enthusiastic and prepared to begin the journey towards acquiring a Masters in Photography. Thus, I seek guidance in the cultivation of my artistic abilities through your institution, so that I may advance in discovering my true potential as an accomplished scholar of visual arts.